How To Manage Your Telesales Activities with Runo?

Introduction to Runo Call Management CRM

Businesses must upgrade their telemarketing techniques to boost sales and increase ROI. The most important aspect of telemarketing is managing inbound and outbound calls for businesses. Runo is a powerful, innovative, and robust call management CRM application that can revamp telecalling for your business. 

Runo is a GSM-based mobile Call Management App integrated with CRM. It is geared for use in small, medium, and large-sized enterprises that need an easy and simple solution for call management. As per statistics, 87% of sales can be improved using mobile CRM software.

With the Runo call management system, your customers can call a real SIM-based mobile number and connect with live agents. There is no need to invest in VOIP systems, laptops, desktops, or other networks. All your agents need is a mobile phone powered by Runo, and they can deliver the best service to your customers. 

Improve Performance and Efficiency Of Telesales With Runo

Runo is a ready-to-set-up mobile-based call management application with built-in CRM capabilities. Install the app on the agents’ phones, and you are good to go. 

Here is how Runo excels in automating telesales activities for any business vertical:

Calls Tracker (Both Inbound and Outbound)

Runo provides call tracking for both inbound and outbound call management. When a customer calls the phone number powered by Runo, the call-tracking software automatically kicks in. It gathers data about the caller, their interests, previous interactions with your business, demographics, time, and even cart data depending on where they are on the sales pipeline. 

You can customise call trackers to track parameters essential for telesales. You can gather all the information about the leads and prospects with a call tracker. The agents interacting with the customers will know more about customer interests. They can pitch sales accordingly. 

Call Interactions

Agents need to make multiple follow-up calls to close sales. Depending on where the customer is in the pipeline, different agents may be involved in dealing with the customer. To provide a seamless customer experience, Runo empowers agents with detailed call interactions. Before placing or receiving a call, the agent will know how often the customer has called, pending appointments, problems, if any, and the type of products they want.

Armed with details about customer preferences and previous interactions, sales agents can easily personalise their sales tactics. Also, it will greatly improve customer experience because customers will interact with agents who understand their needs. 

Auto Dial

The auto-dial feature of Runo makes outbound calling a breeze. Agents need not spend their time painfully dialling customer numbers. Any small automation will greatly improve agent productivity when your business involves placing many outbound calls. The auto-dial feature automatically dials the numbers from the listed contacts. It streamlines the outbound calling process for your business. 

Auto dialler helps agents to increase the volume of their calls and interact with more prospects. The auto-dialler feature can expedite the lead generation process, get customer feedback, or nurture leads for qualification. The built-in CRM can import customer contact information directly into the auto-dialler for easy setup. 

Call Recording

Call recording is useful for improving customer service, fine-tuning product offerings, and improving sales agent performance. Runo’s call recording feature allows managers to manage and control their teams efficiently, benefiting everyone. Agents can learn from the call recordings, recognise their mistakes, and avoid them in the future. All agents can undergo training based on the call recordings from the best performers. 

Also, call recordings will help agents to help customers much better by clearly understanding their wants and needs. Managers can easily uncover new growth opportunities by studying and analysing call recordings. When call recordings are monitored, it can help managers assign a well-experienced agent to a customer if the agent dealing with the customer cannot offer assistance. 

Real-Time Team Performance Reports

For any manager, having a bird’s eye view of team performance is crucial to ensure success. At any time, the manager must know how many agents are on active calls, on a break, or not logged in. Runo provides real-time team performance analytics that can be easily viewed from the manager and admin dashboard. Managers can use these analytics to monitor sales agents and to step in and provide help when needed. 

When sales agents know that their activities are monitored, it increases the accountability and morality of the entire team. These real-time analytics are also useful for evaluating agent performance to deliver constructive feedback. Agents can be rewarded based on their proven performance.  

Follow-Up Remainders To Leads

Businesses must make 6-8 marketing touches to convert prospects into sales. Agents busy with outbound calling need an automated system to remind them to call leads and prospects. Runo makes it easy to set up follow-up reminders based on previous interactions and appointment bookings. It automatically sends out reminders to managers and agents so that no customer is forgotten. 

Appointment Scheduler

For sales agents dealing with both inbound and outbound calls, scheduling and keeping track of appointments is essential. When this task is automated, they can spend more time selling products instead of constantly changing the schedule. It will also ease the efforts required from a manager because the automatic appointment scheduler will automatically assign customers to available agents. Runo has an automatic appointment scheduler that matches free agents with customers who want to book an appointment. 

Runo also updates agents’ calendars so they are always ready for appointments. It also helps managers follow team members’ calendars to ensure no agent is overbooked or underbooked. The Runo appointment scheduler will greatly reduce overbooking and automatically assign agents when the assigned one is on leave or can’t take an appointment for any reason. 

Why Should You Choose Runo?

Runo leverages cloud telephony services to make telemarketing easy for businesses. The calling CRM can integrate with various enterprise-wide applications and tools for effective data sharing. It is a full-fledged call management system with call tracking, recording, appointment scheduling, automatic notifications, and more that is readily available through a mobile app. 

To start using Runo, you don’t need any capital investment. There is no need to buy laptops, desktops, or VoIP systems. Also, your customers can call a real GSM number and get in touch with live agents instead of waiting endlessly with a robot on the other side. Runo is available through a mobile application, so your agents can start selling anywhere. Agents are not tied down by their physical location when they have Runo. 

Runo empowers agents to work remotely and facilitates managers to control their teams better, even if they are away from the office. Managers can easily get real-time analytics, assist, train agents, and improve overall sales team performance using a single Runo interface.  Runo also generates granular reports that can be valuable tools for making data-driven business decisions. Runo is highly scalable so that your business can continue to use the call management system even if the size of the sales team increases. 

If you want to increase ROI, improve agent productivity, and boost sales, try Runo!