6 Important SEO Practices to Keep in Mind

You may take a variety of actions to improve your Google rankings. But it would help if you first mastered the fundamentals. You must ensure that your website adheres to modern SEO best practices, which is the basis. How do you keep up with the competition while maximizing for the future? Look for the best website designing company in south Delhi and employ the best strategies. Your company can withstand the shifting search landscape and give priority to what matters most by adopting a proactive approach to SEO.


SEO Best Practices

Best practices for SEO are actions that may be taken to improve a website’s rankings. Examples of typical SEO best practices are on-site optimization, keyword research, and backlink development. Unfortunately, just 63% of Google searches click on a result on the second page of results. Being on the top of a Google search is, therefore, crucial. Here are some of the critical best practices you can follow to rank higher:


Meta Title and Meta Description

Giving consumers a fast overview of a result’s content using title tags is essential. It’s frequently the critical piece of data that searchers use to choose which result to jump on. Use title tags that should be at most 50 to 60 words.


Meta descriptions should engage viewers by providing a concise, pertinent overview of the page’s content. They function by persuading a searcher that the webpage is what they’re looking for. However, meta descriptions on Google are often cut off after 155–160 characters.


Search Intent

Every search query is motivated by search intent, also known as user intent, which is Google’s first objective. All websites that appear on the first page have met Google’s requirements. The four prevalent kinds of search intention are:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional
  • Commercial



To convince Google that your website is of a good standard and deserving of ranking in the long run, you must regularly perform duties like updating content, publishing new blogs, fixing broken links, and other similar operations. In addition, to demonstrate to Google crawlers that you want to give visitors the best online experience, make sure you are consistently improving critical sections of your website:

  • Website loading speed
  • Regular updates
  • Mobile optimization
  • Web development


On-Site SEO

On-site SEO consists of a mixture of content, keywords, and links. Relevant keywords that address users’ intentions are required to drive the required traffic and rank highly on SERPs. The phrases and words users submit to a search engine are known as keywords. They are referred to as search queries. Therefore, employing pertinent keywords in in-depth, research-based content that gives users what they want is standard in on-site SEO.


Link Building

Backlinks are a crucial component of SEO strategies to establish authority. These inform search engines that readers vouch for your pages as valuable to readers and trust your material. But search engines need help with this procedure. It must originate from a reliable source rather than just employing old backlinks.


Image Optimization

Images are a crucial component of any SEO effort. Ensure all your photos are appropriately optimized to represent the page’s content. By doing this, the image’s chances of appearing in search results and driving more traffic to the article are increased. To effectively optimize all pictures, you should:

  • Select the best file format
  • Compress images
  • Write alternative text for images
  • Lazy-load images



If done correctly, SEO may produce excellent results. RepIndia is the best web design company in India you can find. With their unique approach to SEO, you can instantly start on the right foot. You can also use the advice provided here. However, remember to steer clear of black hat SEO techniques, including link purchasing, utilizing SEO directories, content spamming, and keyword stuffing. They will undermine your credibility online, harming both Google and your intended audience.