How to Boost Sales With Instagram Shopping Feature?

E-commerce has become an easy and comfortable way of shopping. The pandemic has locked everyone in a place and has also taught them how e-commerce would help them shop for all the necessities in the comfort of their homes. Instagram allows sellers to promote and sell their products on Instagram. 

With the average hour one spends on Instagram, sellers can easily take their products to the fingertips of consumers. If you are an influencer or a seller and looking to increase your revenue, you have landed at the right place. This article is expert guidance to boost sales with the Instagram shopping feature. 

How Does Instagram Shopping Work?

With the Instagram shopping feature, you can tag the photos and videos you post on Instagram. You can select the relevant product from your preloaded catalog and also put a price and other details about the product. Clicking on the tag will ask the user if they would like to visit the official website of the product. Some sellers even allow you to place orders directly from the Instagram application itself. 

How To Boost Sales With Instagram Shopping Feature?

  • Talk only about one or two products at a time

Talking about multiple products in a single post or video may cause a sense of confusion among consumers. It is highly advisable to talk only about a single product or two. You can grab the attention of the users if you talk about every single feature of the product that you are showcasing. It is also better to showcase relevant products in a post. For instance, if you are posting content to sell kitchen cookware, you can add products similar to cookware. A completely unrelatable product might not serve the purpose. This will help them understand your product better and also will build a sense of trust among them. 

  • Add a link to your product

Always remember to add a link to the product in the post. Consumers always expect things to move easily without any hardships. A direct link to the product website will make it simple for the consumers to learn everything about the product. Some consumers may not take the time to manually enter the website details to look out for a product. 

  • Concentrate on the quality of the content

Standard of the content is way much more important to increase sales performance. Visuals should be appealing and the images should be of superior quality. It should be aesthetically pleasing and should not be clumsy. Colors that are a visual treat will maximize the time one spends on the post. Unappealing posts will only result in the user scrolling through to the next posts. 

  • Reap the power of hashtags

Hashtags are one powerful ancillary to boost sales. Using strong and trending hashtags will help people identify you easily. Your products can be made available to consumers when they enter a hashtag of their choice. Unrelated and irrelevant hashtags might land you in trouble. So always consider using the right hashtags in the right place. You can mention the color, product tag, and design can be used as a hashtag. You can also mention general tags about the product but the numbers should be kept minimum.

  • Keep a track of the performance

Insights help you understand if you are going on the right track. Keeping a check on the insights will help you to change your strategies if they are not working out. Also, it will make you learn everything you need to know to boost sales. By keeping track of insights, you will also be able to get knowledge of how your content performs. Based on this knowledge, you can also consider to buy Instagram IGTV likes and research on where to get Instagram reels likes.

  • Run ads 

Occasionally running Instagram shopping advertisements will help the consumers know your presence on the platform. People other than your followers will get to know about the variant of products you are dealing with, with the help of running ads. So make sure to run ads on Instagram at regular intervals. Even though not very frequently, you can do them occasionally to let them know your presence. 


Entering into e-commerce to boost your sales is an intelligent move. Social media platforms like Instagram can serve the purpose effectively if you choose to use the platform efficiently. Instagram is the most effective way you can choose to boost your sales. By now you would have learned to use Instagram effectively to make consumers know about your product. Hope this article has served its purpose in letting you understand the ways to boost your sales performance via Instagram.