Best Tips for Buying the Right Phone Cases & Covers

In recent years, mobile phones have undergone many changes and become smartphones, which can do most things computers can do. As a result, not only has the use of mobile phones shot up, but smartphone users do their utmost to ensure their devices are protected. Nowhere is this more evident than in one of the first things smartphone users do when they get a new phone. 

Besides getting that all-too-important screen protector, they also spend time looking for and purchasing a case or a cover. At its most basic, a phone case is meant to protect the device without making it difficult to use. There are cases with extra features such as a stand or a cardholder. So how do you find the right phone case or cover for you to use while at work? 

Consider the Level of Protection

The newer or more expensive the phone, the more robust the phone case or cover will need to be. We’re not saying a relatively inexpensive or older smartphone doesn’t need a phone case to protect it, but it won’t hurt your wallet as much if the screen gets a crack in it but doesn’t render the phone unusable. 

There’s also the nature of the business to consider. For example, if you’re seated at a desk most of the time, your biggest worry is losing your grip on your phone so it falls to the floor. If, however, your business has you overseeing a warehouse and there’s an upper walkway involved. Now you may have to worry about machinery, and dropping your phone from a greater height. 

Look at Case Thickness and Grip

There’s a bit of a balancing act involved in this, as how thick the case is will affect how the phone feels in your hand and may make it harder to grip. At the same time, you don’t want a phone case that’s too thin that it won’t offer your phone much protection. 

For example, if your phone is quite thin, it’s better to get a thicker phone case, preferably one with a textured back. That way, it will still fit in your hand and you can easily hold it. At the same time, it will be light enough that you can carry it with no problems and without having to worry about it slipping out of your grasp. 

Decide on Extra Features

While not a must-have, some features make everyday life easier in some way. 

For instance, if you carry several cards in your wallet, you’ll want to look at phone cases and covers that come with a cardholder. That way, you can carry those same cards with your phone instead. If you like to spend your breaks at work watching videos, a case with a stand will make that easier and more comfortable to do. 

Other features include built-in batteries for on-the-go charging (perfect if you don’t want to bring your charger everywhere); built-in tripod legs or extra camera lenses if you love taking photos; and waterproofing if you work near or around water.

Once you determine what you need and want out of your phone case or cover, then you can start comparing prices and looking at designs that appeal to you the most. If you’re wondering where to start your search, check out this page for a great selection of phone covers and cases, including iPhone cases for sale.