Benefits of Personalizing Your Office Space

Offices that limit personal belongings might need to step back and reconsider what the corporate policy is. Recent studies have shown that letting staff make the most of their office space will make them happier while likewise improving their productivity.

There are many ways you can allow your staff to personalize their office space. Perhaps you will let them pick the type of desk they want or give them options for chairs. You can also allow them to bring in elements from homes, such as candles, picture frames, plants, and other objects that make them productive or just soothe them.

Every staff member’s temperament and source of inspiration are not the same. When companies allow their staff to demonstrate this with their belongings, it provides the employee with a sense of belonging to the work community.

In a study, a UK psychologist found that individuals who could keep a plant or a personal image on their office desk were 15% more productive than those staff who weren’t allowed to showcase either of these belongings. Moreover, these employees were up to 25% more constructive with their time than those staff who found themselves engaged in totally barren offices.

The Harvard Business Review also checked into office staff who were authorized to personalize their office desk and found that these individuals had a higher understanding of “place identity,” thus feeling like they were a part of the community and office space. Individuals who felt the largest levels of place identity were more committed to their work, and they likewise had a more robust relationship with their employer.

When an employee is granted permission to have personal items on their office desk, these individuals are often motivated by their happiness. No matter if the employee has a framed picture of their grandson, a small stuffed cat, or a bouquet of flowers, the employee has something that makes the office space theirs. By glimpsing at a certain image or object, the employee may be reminded that they are loved by someone or that they have an amazing support system. This can make them smile, which can lead to others in the office smiling. Or it could simply make the employee more productive. Studies have found that employees that are happy are 12% more productive.

Another perk of personalizing an office space is improving the well-being of employees. When a workspace can be personalized, office staff will not find it as taxing to do their job. Their energy will not be focused on what they hate about the office but rather focused on what needs to be done. This is where ergonomic solutions can come into play. By providing various types of office equipment, such as standing desks, you may provide your employees with better solutions for less reaching, better posture, or less exertion on their part.

When an office employee is allowed to personalize their space, they feel a sense of control. Many employees feel a sense of trust when the company lets them decorate the space as their own. And when employees have a sense of control, their stress levels will often be reduced.

If you are interested in letting your employees personalize their office space, consider contacting Quality Installers in Omaha, NE. They can help by putting together various pieces of office furniture, such as desks, chairs, bookcases, and more. By providing your employees with a chance to personalize their office desks, you run a higher chance of them being more productive in the long run.