Tips to help you earn more from Inboxdollars surveys

InboxDollars is the most popular survey site that allows users to earn cash for taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, and more. Taking surveys on InboxDollars is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra money in your free time. However, not all surveys pay the same and some may not qualify you after spending time attempting them.

Take advantage of your profile

When signing up for InboxDollars, you will be asked to complete a user profile with basic demographic information about yourself such as age, gender, location, education level, occupation, etc. Be sure to fill it out entirely and accurately. InboxDollars uses this information to match you with surveys you are likely qualified to take. The more detailed your profile, the better chance you have of getting matched with available, high-paying surveys.

Check for surveys frequently

New surveys are added all the time to the inboxdollars review and evaluation platform. Log in to your account and check the ‘Surveys’ tab often to look for new opportunities. Set up an email notification for new survey alerts so you never miss out. The sooner you access and complete a new survey, the more likely you are to qualify before all the spots fill up.

Only attempt surveys you qualify for

A major mistake people make when trying to earn from surveys is attempting ones that they don’t qualify for. Survey providers have to pay when disqualifications happen, so they try to avoid it by screening for demographic factors upfront in the survey description. Read the details closely before starting a survey to ensure it’s a good match for your profile only attempt surveys that match your age range, gender, location, habits, etc. Otherwise, you are just wasting time.

 Be consistent with answers

The surveys will ask the same screening questions about age, occupation, income, etc. Be sure to answer consistently every time, otherwise, you may get disqualified. Also, be truthful – if a survey is looking for stay-at-home parents and you are not one, don’t attempt it just for the payment.

Complete surveys fully

Once you do qualify for a paid survey on InboxDollars, make sure to complete the entire thing. Oftentimes there are screening questions at the end of a survey as well. If you rush through and submit incomplete responses, you may end up disqualified and not earn the incentive. Take your time and provide thoughtful, honest answers when responding. 

Check inbox dollars daily

Along with checking for new surveys, also check your account dashboard every day. InboxDollars may send exclusive survey invites directly to members based on their demographics. Sometimes these contained increased incentives. So logging in daily means you never miss a special opportunity to earn more.

Avoid speeding through

While it’s good to work efficiently, don’t rush through surveys too quickly. Many sites will flag users who speed through surveys as low-quality respondents. Take your time to offer thoughtful responses, but don’t linger too long on each question. Finding the right pace helps maximize your survey qualification.

Answer consistently in multiple surveys

Sites like InboxDollars allow members to take multiple surveys in a day. Be sure your answers are consistent across surveys taken on the same day. Getting caught giving contradictory info leads to disqualification from the platform. Keep your story straight!