Pros and Cons of NFC Tags

Over the years, technology has progressed to greater heights, from the invention of computers to mobile phones. And now, it has moved forward to even more advanced technologies, such as Near Field Communication or NFC. 

What is NFC?

As the name implies, NFC is a set of communication protocols that permits two electronic devices to communicate from close proximity. Its transmissions can be connected over a distance of 4 cm or less. It allows users to make secure transactions, exchange digital content, and connect electronic devices with a touch. 

NFC is constantly gaining popularity as businesses strive to adopt the latest technologies that cater to their needs and customers’ demands. Companies have been using custom NFC tags to streamline their operations, improve security, and benefit some of their clients. In addition, NFC business cards are also becoming a thing now. 

Businesses are not the only sector that can benefit from NFC. Private individuals can also use it to automate their homes. They can also utilize NFC to make contactless payments, set kitchen timers, connect with specific numbers for emergency calls, share media, and others.

Given all these, NFC is truly a revolutionary technology that many people can benefit from. Its versatile design is one of the reasons why many businesses and individuals are attracted to NFC. But just like any other invention, NFC also has its cons. 

You will need to purchase the tags and get an NFC reader to program the stickers if you plan to use and customize NFC. While this would not be that big of a deal with giant corporations, the cost of NFC may be insignificant for individual users. 

Although many companies are already utilizing NFC technology, it is still relatively new. Because of this, businesses planning to use this must purchase and issue their employees with NFC-enabled smartphones and NFC readers to customize tags.

If you want to know more about NFCTagify and its pros and cons, you can read this infographic by NFC Tags. 

Pros and Cons of NFC tags

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