Online tools to convert images

Video to Image, PDF to JPG, JPG to SVG or SVG to PNG: these are just some of the conversions supported by this easy-to-use and versatile online image converter. many different purposes. For example, uploading documents to social media is a real hassle and sometimes not even possible unless you convert them to an image.

You can easily create previews of Camera Raw images to send to friends and family. Works with
Professional Designs, you can convert vector graphics to raster images to show your clients the progress, or vice versa to use raster image information in your vector graphics.

Of course, these are just a few examples, the possibilities are almost unlimited. Check out the tutorial on how to convert various files to images below.

  • Upload the file you want to convert to an
  • Select an image format from the
  • In the settings you can also select various image editing functions such as quality, color, size and more (optional).
  • To start the image conversion, click “Start”.

Step 1: Open the online image converter

Enter the Img2Go image conversion tool. With this Online Image Converter you can convert all types of files into images. Convert videos to images to create screenshots or convert your photos to other formats like GIF, PNG, SVG, JPEG and more.

Step 2: Upload the file you want to turn into an image

Uploading your files is easy. Just drag and drop them into the loading area.

You can also use the appropriate buttons to navigate your device, provide a link, or use files stored in Dropbox or Google Drive. You can even upload multiple files at once to convert them to image formats like SVG, PNG. or GIF.

Step 3: Select output format and image processing options

Select the output image format for file conversion. You can choose from a large list of popular image formats as well as lesser-known formats from the drop-down menu below.

You can also apply basic image editing while converting. Change the quality, DPI and size of the image and apply some image enhancements. However, these are completely optional for the conversion. If you don’t want or need to use them, just skip step 3.

Step 4: Download the converted image

When you’re done, all you have to do is click Start. Img2Go does the image conversion for you. All you have to do is save the image when you’re done. Of course, you can also save to Google Drive or Dropbox or further edit the image. If you’re converting multiple files at once, you also have the option to download them all in one convenient ZIP file.