Omkareshwar: World’s Largest Floating Solar Project

Sustainable renewable energy projects are overtaking power generation and rapidly emerging in the Indian market. The needs for electricity in the vital states of India are being addressed and fulfilled with standard and highly efficient renewable energy sources. India is prominently planning and developing renewable energy projects in several regions to eliminate carbon emissions and sustain green energy. In Madhya Pradesh, the world’s largest floating solar power project, Omkareshwar is under construction with a 600 MW power capacity.

Floating solar panels are basically solar power production systems mounted on a floating structure that floats on a water body. It might be a lake, reservoir, or artificial basin. The total cost of floating solar is approximately 20%-25% higher than the ground-mounted systems. The work on the project Omkareshwar is going on over the Narmada river, and RUMSL will be providing evacuating infrastructure for this project. Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd. is a joint venture between the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam limited. The world’s largest floating solar will be in the Khandwa district of MP with a vision to resolve the electricity issues in the state and increase the power generation capacity of central MP.

Some of the notable features of the project Omkareshwar are:

  • The panels do not require manual settings as they can automatically adjust their position when the water levels are low.
  • The design of the panels will be strengthened with superior grades for them to withstand extreme wind, waves, and floods so that the project continues to function and generate electricity.
  • Khandwa district already has hydel and thermal power structures. This project will make it the only district in MP to have all three things and a splendid 4000 MV power generation capacity.
  • The floating solar project, Omkareshwar was proposed in August 2019 and is estimated to be in operation by 2023.

Rewa Ultra Mega Solar’s 600 MW Floating Solar Tender Gets Overwhelming Response – Mercom India 

The floating solar will generate 600 MW of power, of which 300 MW in the first phase will be from a PPA of 300 MW, and officials have called tenders to complete the 600MW solar floating project in the next. The tenders from prominent renewable energy solution providers were under officials for thorough research and analysis. The much-awaited tenders are being finalized, and renewable energy solution companies with advanced solar floating designs and features like AMP Energy India have won 100 MW. AMP Energy India is India’s first truly balanced renewable energy company that is developing this first of its kind floating solar project. The tenders got appreciated for their well-structured and finely detailed designs.

The state government is planning to meet the energy requirements with renewable energy systems, and it has already started the implementation of the new renewable energy policy in 2022. This Omkareshwar floating solar project has a lot of advantages, such as it will address the issue of ground space and reduce water evaporation. It is scientifically proven that it will generate more power than land-based solar systems. The world’s largest floating project will embody sustainable growth of RE in India and eventually mitigate climate change.