Keep Your Devices Powered on the Go with’s Pilot Dual Car Charger

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Road trips and long drives are a staple of family adventures and travel escapades. However, keeping everyone’s devices charged and ready can be a challenge. brings an end to these power struggles with the Pilot Dual Car Charger with QC 3.0 Dual Back Seat Extended Charger, a must-have accessory for any road trip.

Universal Compatibility for Seamless Charging

Designed for modern family needs, this charger is universally compatible with 12/24V vehicles, ensuring it works in almost any car. Whether you’re driving a small sedan or a large SUV, the Pilot Dual Car Charger seamlessly integrates with your vehicle’s power system.

Fast Charging for Everyone

Equipped with the Qualcomm Quick Charge Protocol 3.0, this charger offers rapid charging capabilities. With multiple USB outputs (USB1/2: DC5V/2.4A, USB3: DC5V/3.1A, USB4: DC5V/3A, DC9V/2A, DC12V/1.5A), it ensures that everyone’s devices, from smartphones to tablets, are quickly powered up.

Extended Reach for Comfort

One of the unique features of this charger is its extended cable length of 170 cm. This allows back seat passengers to easily charge their devices without any awkward stretching or uncomfortable positions. Everyone in the car can enjoy their devices to the fullest, whether they’re navigating, playing games, or streaming their favorite shows.

Perfect for Family Travel

The Pilot Dual Car Charger is more than just a charging accessory; it’s a solution to keep the peace during long drives. No more arguments over who gets to charge their device first or struggles with short cables. This charger ensures a smooth, uninterrupted power supply for all.


For families and travelers who love hitting the road, the Pilot Dual Car Charger from is an essential gadget. It’s not just about keeping devices charged; it’s about enhancing the travel experience for everyone in the car. Discover this and more innovative products at, where travel meets technology.

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