Identity Management Day: The Importance of Securing Digital Identity

Following the persistent threats in different business industries and the changing demand of consumers in this modern era, cybersecurity leaders and experts have created a day focused on creating awareness about the importance of secure digital identity in this digital age – Identity Management Day.

The use of online platforms and digital financial services has gained momentum over the past decade. Accordingly, its utilization surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, as the health protocols and social distancing mandates limited people’s mobility.

This shift in the use of digital platforms and services has challenged businesses of all sizes across different industries to provide secure and seamless authentication methods to their customers. The increased reliance on digital platforms and remote services has created an open season for cybercriminals to circumvent systems and steal sensitive business or client information. These fraudulent individuals target businesses with password-reliant systems.

In this modern era, passwords are considered inconvenient and are weak authentication credentials. This comes as they do not confirm that the actual account owner is the one accessing the online user account. Therefore, organizations need to utilize knowledge based authentication alternatives that offer strong customer authentication. In general, these are not readily susceptible to theft or other circumvention techniques commonly used by cybercriminals against passwords.

Businesses must leverage authentication solutions that are beneficial for their operations. For instance, they need to employ FIDO2 strong customer authentication solutions to provide their customers a simpler and more convenient authentication experience. For instance, an organization in the call center industry needs to use a robust call center identity verification to effectively and efficiently authenticate their customer’s information and verify their identity.

Implementing a strong authentication system is paramount, as this helps businesses secure their customers’ digital identities. Effectively strengthening their cybersecurity systems and safeguarding the digital information of their clients can enable them to keep cybercriminals at bay and stop account takeovers or data breaches. For more preference you can visit LoginID for more information.

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