Ics Explains the Secure Organizational Advantages of Private Healthcare Cloud Services

Cloud computing enables enterprises to share data remotely, which is critical to the operations of healthcare providers. For example, if you work in a hospital, you want to be able to exchange important information with insurance companies, and you want a healthcare professional from another town to be able to provide electronic health records (EHR) to a patient who was involved in an accident while visiting your region. This is especially true if the sufferer has been unable to talk.

This setup, however, might generate difficulties because healthcare businesses must stay HIPAA compliant. Furthermore, none of the businesses wants their services to be disrupted by another organization’s technical issues. If you require healthcare cloud computing but are unclear about the implications for your organization’s security and functioning, we would be happy to clarify. We are Innovative Computer Systems, or ICS for short, and we have the necessary expertise and experience to manage your healthcare cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Explained

Cloud computing is the construction of distant servers that are accessible via the internet. The cloud stores, maintains, and processes data. The inverse of this is having an on-site data processor with servers, or utilizing a personal computer.

It’s possible that the latter two options are more tempting to you since they are on-site; nevertheless, just because they are on-site does not mean that they are secure. Having said that, let us start with the several benefits that cloud computing offers in terms of security.

Cloud Computing Security Benefits

When you employ cloud computing, only a restricted number of users may access the servers. The files are encrypted, making it more difficult for hackers to access them and commit extortion or financial fraud. This protects your staff, your patients, and any third-party stakeholders.

However, there is another security benefit that directly affects patients. We indicated that you may encounter a patient who is unable to offer a complete medical history. However, you may encounter a patient who wants to acquire medical care that they do not need, such as opioids. The ability to easily check up a patient’s history online protects both patient health and your organization’s reputation and accountability.

Cloud Computing Privacy

We ensure that you do not share the same network as our other clients. This prohibits them from accessing your data, and vice versa. This avoids technological faults from affecting many clients. We are completely HIPAA compliant.

However, data may be shared as needed.

Cloud Computing Reduces Costs

Cloud computing implies you spend less money on data storage. You will save money by not having to invest in hardware and other IT infrastructure to keep your data on-site. If you continue to keep paper documents, you risk suffering a large financial loss if a fire or theft occurs.

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