Different platform that provides business mentoring you should know about

While entrepreneurs try to attract new clients and expand their firms, mentors can support them through mentoring platforms. Mentors can give students the perspective they require to make decisions about their future. Many company owners have discovered that they appreciate a collaborative environment where they can learn and develop when working with a mentor. Additionally, they frequently have access to an established entrepreneur’s wide network, which can be useful when looking for finance or assembling resources.

Finding a qualified mentor, however, might be one of the toughest challenges for students and entrepreneurs with small professional networks. Thankfully, technology has found a solution. These fantastic mentoring platforms will assist both mentors and mentees in 2023!

What are online mentoring platforms?

Online resources called mentoring platforms are used to link mentors and mentees. Users can build profiles on these mentoring platforms, look for matches, and communicate with one another. Mentoring platforms can be utilized for both professional and personal growth. Many of these mentoring platforms concentrate on particular fields of study or industries, such as business, technology, or education.

Benefits of joining mentoring platforms:

  • Exposure to the working world: If you are a university student or ready to enter the workforce, using mentoring platforms is a smart first step. Some things are not addressed in textbooks and cannot be taught just through theories. Still, nothing compares to guidance from professionals with many years of experience.
  • Promotes diversity: By participating in mentorship programs, you can strengthen your contacts in your sector at this time. Beyond your expectations, diversity offers a variety of information and skills, fosters networks, and creates opportunities. 
  • Confidence-booster: You will feel more confident overall because of your experience through the mentoring program.

Great Mentoring Platforms you can prefer! 

Growthmentor: GrowthMentor is an exclusive network of startup and marketing mentors who are subject-matter experts. Entrepreneurs, companies, and marketers can schedule one-on-one meetings with these experts using Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype.

Seekho.ai (India): The first micro-learning mentoring platform in India, Seekho instructs, directs, and recruits. If you’re a learner, Seekho offers a variety of learning opportunities, including one-minute training sessions, tests, learning streak competitions, and more.

Seekwise: A network of mentors called Seekwise helps people who need assistance with design, technology, career coaching, and other topics. Mentors at Seekwise provide either 1:1 or group mentoring sessions. While 1:1 sessions are great for building a close relationship with a single mentee, group sessions let mentors work with multiple mentees simultaneously.

Coachhub: Regardless of department or seniority level, organizations can create a tailored, quantifiable, and scalable coaching program for their entire staff with Coachhub, a leading global talent development mentoring platform. By engaging employees with the aid of Coachhub, businesses can benefit in various ways, such as increased employee engagement, productivity, job performance, and retention.

Mentspot: A program called MentSpot makes it possible for mentors and mentees to connect and communicate. Anyone can find a mentor using MentSpot in just a few seconds, saving them the time it would take to search for one on sites like LinkedIn or Facebook for hours.

Mentorcruise: Mentorcruise helps link 1,000+ aspiring IT professionals with founders, veterans, and talents working at the finest tech businesses so they can advance in their careers and work toward their goals. Additionally, they assert the broadest selection of mentors in business, design, and programming. Solutions for administrative mentorship can also be helpful for groups, businesses, schools, and boot camps.

AskMe: Getting personalized guidance has never been simpler! AskMe is an on-demand mentoring network that connects mentees and mentors in manageable 20-minute sessions over the web or through its iOS/Android apps. You can use the platform to connect with professionals worldwide for one-on-one mentorship sessions using audio or video chats. The AskMe platform securely manages scheduling, call features, and payments.

You may immediately connect with specialists using this exclusive mentoring platform, saving you time from waiting lists. Anyone looking for expert advice from highly accomplished professionals, subject matter experts, and specialists who are ordinarily unavailable will find it on the platform built to satisfy their demands.

With AskMe’s bite-sized sessions, people looking for assistance may connect with industry leaders at the top of their respective industries, including business executives, executive coaches, marketers, salespeople, financiers, and many other yet-to-be-introduced specializations. Before onboarding them, this mentoring platform carefully selects its experts and mentors in particular specialized fields, allowing advice-seekers to get personalized counsel from any of these experts on their chosen subject matter.

Key features of AskMe:

  • A platform that is available whenever someone needs it and is looking for solutions, mentorship, or assistance from highly qualified professionals.
  • A global database of the top industry mentors and experts who have been thoroughly screened and verified
  • There are currently more than 1000 verified experts and professionals across numerous time zones and the globe.
  • Expert access via in-app scheduling 24/7, 365 days
  • Advice seekers’ ratings and evaluations as a gauge of service quality
  • Integrated audio and video conversations for one-on-one online meetings on the AskMe platform
  • You may schedule 20-minute chunks for as long or as short of a discussion as you need.
  • The platform is web-based and also has an iOS/Android app available.
  • A safe payment portal (encryption enabled)
  • Privacy and confidentiality are assured.

Final Word – The Future of Online Mentoring Platforms

There is no one-size-fits-all mentor, even though all these mentoring forums promote personal growth and development. The perfect mentor may change the course of your life, whether it’s as a result of wise decisions or guidance that helped you land the job of your dreams. Every mentorship situation is distinct, and each platform’s services vary from others. To help you choose the most suitable solution for your immediate and long-term needs, we hope this article has provided you with some guidance and thought.