5 Strategies to Improve Core Web Vitals

The core of your website’s SEO strategy is its content. As long as you deliver a great user experience, you’ll be able to rank higher for relevant keywords. However, Core Web Vitals can’t be fixed overnight. Because Google is known for its algorithm updates, you can’t rely on one strategy to boost your ranking forever. So, how do you improve these metrics? There are many ways to strengthen your website’s core and make it better than your competition’s.

In addition to a good content strategy, a good site structure can help you improve your Core Web Vitals. Content, images, and other elements should have the right size to be visible in different browsers. If any of these elements are out-of-place, it can impede the user’s experience. In addition, a poor layout can result in a low CLS score. Therefore, optimizing your web pages for the best user experience is crucial, especially with the help of graphic outsourcing services.

The ideal time for a webpage to load is approximately 2.5 seconds. Anything less than this is considered sub-optimal. Google measures Core Web Vitals to help make the web a better place for users. The ideal time for a page to become interactive is 100 milliseconds, while anything below that is deemed sub-optimal. Aim to achieve a time limit of fewer than three seconds, and you’ll be well on your way to ranking high in search results.

While you should not rely solely on Core Web Vitals to increase your SERP rankings, your content should be relevant and engaging. A website that doesn’t provide valuable content will likely fall behind in the SERP. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to improve Core Web Vitals. Ensure your website has a good amount of relevant content and focuses on the keywords users use to searchand graphic design outsourcing website layout maintenance.

This infographic from Digital Marketing Philippines tackles strategies to improve core web vitals in a more in-depth manner, you can check this out if you want to learn more.


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