Know everything about getting a Social Security card


If you are looking to get a Social Security card, there are several steps you would like to take. The strategy can move hard depending on whether you are applying for an unused card, supplanting a misplaced or stolen card, or changing the information (like your title) on your card.

Here is a common direction to assist you through the method:

Applying for a new Social Security Card

1. Decide Eligibility:

You wish to be a U.S. citizen, a lasting inhabitant, or a brief working inhabitant within the U.S. to apply for a Social Security card.

2. Accumulate Required Reports:

You may have to give reports demonstrating your character, age, and U.S. citizenship or legal movement status. For most grown-ups, this incorporates a U.S. birth certificate or visa for citizenship, and a driver’s permit or state-issued identification card for personality. For non-citizens, documentation will change based on status within the U.S.

3. Fill an application:

Fill out the Application for a Social Security Card. This form is accessible online at the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) site or a nearby SSA office.

4. Yield Your Application:

You will be able to mail your application and records to your nearby Social Security office, otherwise, you may be able to apply individually (even though this may require an arrangement, depending on neighbourhood office approaches, particularly due to COVID-19 safety measures).

Replacing a Misplaced or Stolen Social Security Card

1. Confirm Requirement for Substitution:

In many cases, you do not need to have your Social Security card physically. Other forms of recognizable proof may suffice for jobs, bank accounts, etc. Consider whether you genuinely require a substitution.

2. Take the Same Steps as Applying for a new Card:

The method for supplanting a card is the same as applying for an unused one. You will still have to total Form SS-5 and provide the specified reports.

Correcting Data on Your Social Security Card

1. Assemble Confirmation of the Alter:

In case you have changed your title due to marriage, separation, or a court arrangement, you will have to be given documentation of the alter, such as a marriage certificate or court record.

2. Complete your application form:

As with a modern application or substitution, you will have to fill out the application frame.

3. Submit Your Application:

Give your application and records to the SSA, either by mail or by individual. You can also contact private agencies if you want to edit social security card.

Important Notes

1. No Expense:

There is no charge for applying for a Social Security card, whether it is an unused application, a substitution, or an alteration of data.

2. Secure Your Card:

Once you get your card, keep it in a secure put. Your Social Security number (SSN) is touchy individual data that ought to be ensured to maintain a strategic distance from personality burglary.

3. Online Account:

Consider making a “my Social Security” account online. This may make overseeing your data and association with the SSA simpler.


For the foremost exact and up-to-date data, visit the official Social Security Organization site or contact your nearby SSA office.

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