How to deal with the unresponsive nature of the Task Manager in your Windows PC?

All users of the Windows PC feel comfortable to work and complete their tasks without complexity. However, they get some difficulties whenever some applications freeze. They press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager at any time they decide to end the unresponsive program. Do you think about what to do when the Task Manager is not responding? You can focus on the following details and get enough assistance to get your Task Manager up and running as usual.

Understand the causes of unresponsive Task Manager

The Task Manager on the Windows PC may not work because of malware infections, messed up registry settings, and corrupted system files, and the Task Manager itself is disabled by group policy settings. You must identify the root cause of the unresponsive Task Manager and make an informed decision to fix it.

Simple yet effective solutions

You may think about how to fix not responding task manager – Windowsguided at this time. You can restart your Windows PC as a reboot can clear all the temporary glitches and resolve the problem. If you fail to get the best result, then you have to try other methods. You have to check for malware on your computer. This is because malware usually consumes memory and CPU resources. This nature makes it too difficult for the Task Manager and other legitimate system processes to function correctly. You can find and remove the malware to free up system resources and let the Task Manager work as usual. You can install and run the antivirus software on your computer to ensure that your system is free from viruses or malware. This is worthwhile to quarantine or remove threats when detected.

Updating the Windows PC is one of the best options to make the Task Manager and other applications function well. Microsoft releases updates and patches every so often to address known issues and enhance the Windows computer’s overall performance. These updates include fixes for several problems, especially unresponsive Task Manager. If you decide to update your computer, then you have to go to Settings > Update & Security. Now, click on the “Check for updates” and install the complete pending updates. Another way to fix not responding task manager – Windowsguided is to end the Task Manager Process. You can manually end the process of the Task Manager and let it restart. This method clears temporary problems associated with the Task Manager. Sometimes, the Task Manager is not responding. You can press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open the Task Manager. Now, right-click on the Task Manager and choose “End Task”.