Clarity Voice: Why Car Dealers Need It

Car dealerships depend on sales to stay afloat. Giving someone the keys to their brand-new car is the ultimate feeling of fulfillment. As a result, maintaining contact with potential customers should be a top priority for every owner of an auto dealership. Nevertheless, you can find it challenging to return every call or maintain track of your sales, much like many other companies.

Voice-over-internet protocol usage is one example of a change in telecommunication (VoIP). With the help of this system, you can text and call utilizing the internet rather than a conventional telephone. This enables the taking and sending of calls at any time and from any location.

The main difficulty is that many VoIP providers fail to consider the unique requirements that various industries have. Fortunately, there is one business that does give careful consideration to adapting its systems. You can contact Clarity Voice for assistance via our DealerPhones, which were designed with VoIP for auto dealerships in mind.

DealerPhones Advantages

Our DealerPhones are unique from other phones for a variety of reasons. Since we have discussed how crucial generating sales is to you, our services will help you determine how to adjust how you now conduct business when necessary.

Call Observation

You’ve undoubtedly previously emphasized to your staff how important customer service skills are. But how do you monitor how well they actually perform? With the help of our call monitoring system, you will be able to send cues or tips to your employee while they are speaking, utilizing the Whisper function in addition to listening in on live calls. The person on the other end of the line will hear you, but they won’t!

However, there is also a Join function that you can use if you are required, saving your employee the time of having to frantically look for you. Additionally, we provide call tracking so that you may keep track of every contact made that day and determine the discussions or messages that were most helpful to your dealership.

Voice HD

There is probably a lot going on at your dealership all around you. People are continuously coming and going, some are taking calls, and some vehicles may be getting some repairs done. Some calls may be hindered by this type of background noise. To keep you and the customer focused on the current issue, our HD Voice technology blocks out background noise.

Work from any location

There are situations when a customer may need you right away, even when you’re not in the office. You don’t want to have to wait until the next day to reply to them. DealerPhones are accessible from any location. Even better, because they have an internet connection, you can use all of your call center tools from the cloud at any time, not just during business hours.

Clear Voice Is Concerned With Your Development

Even though we could go on and on about how great all of our services are, what matters most to us is that we can actually help you. What good is building up a system if it doesn’t result in the progress you desire? That distinguishes Clarity Voice from the competition.

Along with our services, we also provide a wide range of unique products to best suit the operations of your company. We have you covered for everything from extras like headsets to various phone models, including mobile and conference phones.

Avoid letting busy signals or misunderstandings dissuade clients from making purchases from you. Purchase a VoIP system that performs as you require. You may learn more about the other hundreds of services we can provide for your dealership by getting in touch with our staff. Trust Clarity Voice right away.